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Your Zero-Waste Journey Starts Here

October 20, 2022

Your Zero-Waste Journey Starts Here

Join us in treading a little lighter

In the United States, one single person produces approximately 5 lbs of trash (i.e. landfill waste) every day 😲. This means every dayit is our duty to make better, more conscious, and healthy choices for our environment.

To start, try taking this carbon footprint quiz to determine how much waste and carbon your household is producing. This tool brings awareness to areas in our lives where changes can be made to be more sustainable.

When starting your Zero-Waste journey, you’ll want to consider “The 6 Rs” →

  1. REFUSE 🚫 What can we say “no, thank you” to? An easy transition is receiving bills and newspapers digitally.

  2. REDUCE 👗 How can you declutter? Donate, sell, or swap clothing items, for example.

  3. REUSE 🥤 What objects can you reuse? Great examples are glass jars, takeout food containers, and water bottles. What household products can you refill at our bulk refill bar?

  4. RECYCLE ♻️ Are there items you have that can be recycled? Here’s a list of what can be recycled locally and where to drop-off hard-to-recycle items. 

  5. ROT (Compost) 🌿 Want to give more nourishment to the earth? This is a great way to allow things such as food items to decompose and create healthy soil for a garden. CompostNow make composting easy! They pick up your compost each week and you earn healthy soil in return. Check to see if they’re available in your neighborhood!

  6. REPAIR 🛠 When something is broken, do you just throw it away? Learn a new skill and repair broken items. YouTube is a perfect resource for this!

Our 5 favorite low-waste essentials to help you transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle!👇

  1. Marley’s Monster’s UNpaper Towels

    REUSE →

    These incredible, reusable "unpaper" towels can be used time and time again. Each time these are washed they become MORE absorbent.

    If this is the first time you’re trying reusable towels, we recommend keeping a roll of regular paper towels in the cabinet for a smooth transition. After a month, you’ll get the hang of it!

    Available in pre-rolled tubes or in 6- or 12-packs.


  2. LastSwab:The World's First Reusable Cotton Swab


    Are you using cotton swabs on the reg? LastSwab is an eco-friendly alternative, without the large environmental footprint.

    This reusable q-tip comes in two different models: one for general q-tip uses (like for ears) and one for more beauty and makeup. They're both made from durable yet flexible, high-quality, and non-toxic materials that are gentle on the skin and very easy to clean with soap and water.


  3. MamaP Toothbrush


    5% of every purchase is donated to one of MamaP's causes. Pick a color, choose a cause. This handle is lightweight and compostable, the bristles are durable and made of recyclable DuPont Nylon, and the non-toxic paint tip prevents early decay so it lasts as long as plastic toothbrushes (but not in the landfill).

    An ergonomic handle, rounded smooth head, and fun colors makes brushing very enjoyable!


  4. bareaya Safety Razor

    REDUCE →

    Have old plastic razors at home and unsure what to do with them? We are a public drop-off point for all of your plastic razors to be recycled by Terracycle. While dropping them off, grab this reusable razor that is designed to be minimalist yet beautifully efficient.

    Its single stainless steel blade provides the most luxurious and sophisticated shaving experience, while respecting both your skin and the earth. Available in a variety of colors.


  5. Unwrapped Life Conditioner + Shampoo Bars

    REDUCE →

    Finally, salon quality plastic-free hair care! Performance and packaging are not mutually exclusive. Each bar lasts 50-75 washes, or equivalent to 2-3 16-oz bottles!

    Available in these formulas 👇

    HYDRATOR: Checks all the boxes for dry and curly hair.
    BALANCER: A smooth operator that fits the bill for normal and frizzy hair.
    STIMULATOR: The best defense for oily and fine hair, scalp irritation, and to regain thickness.
    DETOXIFIER: A must-have for removing build-up and toning blonde hair.

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