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Ask us About our Summer Skin

October 20, 2022

Ask us About our Summer Skin

Wildcraft’s Green Team answers questions to give you the skinny on safe, sexy, summer skin:

How much SPF should we be using?

At least a broad spectrum mineral SPF 30 which blocks ~97% of UV rays. Suntegrity is probably top pick for daily facial sunscreen — great under makeup. When going to the beach on a sunny day 🌞, BRUSH ON BLOCK® is an easy touch-up to reapply throughout the day, especially on face and scalp.

Biggest summer tip?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (topically!)

Bring a hydration mist to the beach to provide skin with water throughout the day. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is an absolute favorite. This potent formula works to calm, protect and relieve redness.

Any pre-beach tips?

Skip exfoliation the night before going to the beach; the skin will be more vulnerable to burns.

What products do you use after a full day in the sun?

Hydrating and soothing our skin after the sun is so important for its health. Some great products for this are Siam Seas Yen (heal and hydrate toner), Siam Seas Twilight BeCalm Serum and Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask (especially using this as an overnight mask).

If sunburnt, wait a few days to exfoliate until the irritation and redness have diminished; we want to heal and soothe the skin first. 

Hyperpigmentation happens. What lightening and brightening tips do you have?

Fave product to help with hyperpigmentation repair (also packed with natural sun-protecting oils) is the Laurel Sun Serum. It provides essential skin nourishment while brightening the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It can be used as an AM or PM moisturizer! (Great for facial massage and gua sha oil, too!) 

To help brighten and diminish hyperpigmentation, exfoliation is key! Skin Suggestion: Use an exfoliant, rich in vitamin C and containing fruit acids, to help break down the dead skin cells through enzymatic exfoliation (while providing the skin with nutrients)! Laurel Honey Berry Mask or Leahlani Honey Love are perfect for this. 

Using these products 2-3x a week will help to brighten the skin, even out discoloration and give a radiant complexion.

You mention gua sha. How can that help?

Using gua sha to help brighten is amazing! Increasing circulation can help to repair scarring and hyperpigmentation. Bringing blood to these areas, assists in the healing process and breaks up the extra melanin in our skin.

spiked facial roller is another great option for this, but do not use on sunburnt skin or over any inflammation. We have these in rose quartz and jade in the shop!

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