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Double Duty Products

October 20, 2022

Double Duty Products

You are bombarded with endless choices at every moment of the day. 

From having to pick which of twelve organic produce stands to buy from at the market to what variation of white linen t-shirt to sport in your zoom meeting (scoop? crew? V-neck?) — your mind is flippin’ maxed. Decisions like these are a time-sucking dread that wear on wellbeing & leave you longing to simplify.

Luckily, we have at least one solution to too many choices (and not enough brain space): Clear your mind and your vanity with our multipurpose products

Purchasing *less-of* saves space, dollars and the planet by lightening your mental load your consumer footprint. 

Our staff-picked — tried and true — twofers below:


Hyrdosols provide botanical benefits for both bodyand mental nourishment,supplying hydration, toning and healing benefits for face, skin and hair. They also serve as a peaceful pillow mist and nervous system soother.

TIP: store In the fridge for hot flashes! 

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

 A face washand a body wash ~ hands included! It delivers an invigorating, AHA exfoliation for all-over acneic moments without stripping skin of moisture. Removes oil and grime, exfoliates and brightens, soothes and hydrates.

Kosas Chemistry Deodorant

If you struggle with sensi skin (post-hair removal), especially in the two places least talked about - pits and bikini line! This stain-free, serum deodorant is the remedy! A formula that both effectively fights odor(even smelly stress sweat) and banishes bumps. Softening, soothing and brightening these precious areas. No ingrown hairs. No stink. No irritation.

Anima Mundi Rose &Sun Potion Pearl Powders

Pearl powder, used in a mask, is high in minerals to promote skin’s health, accelerate wound healing, boost collagen & brighten skin. Internally, pearl promotes for hair, skin and nail health as well as nervous system balance.

Rose, used in a mask,calms skin, stimulates collagen, hydrates, brightens, regenerates and has anti-bacterial properties. Internally, it is a relaxing tonic for stress & anxiety, helping to keep the heart open.

Province Apothecary Eczema Balm 

Originally created to calm eczema, this balm can be used for a variety inflammatory moments. Extra sun protection over melasma-prone areas and for soothing sunburns (esp. neck & chest) after a beach day. It can also be applied atop angry zits!

Other versatile vanity staples we can’t go without:

Activist Honey (raw manuka)

As a mask,willhydrate skin and act as a humectant, binding water, to deeply nourish skin cells. A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and highly antibacterial. Taken internally, it can alleviate sore throats, help soothe coughs and improve common cold and allergy symptoms.

Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel

A toner, inflamed acne-calmer, aftershave, post-wax and sunburn soother 😌. This multipurpose antibacterial treatment is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

You already do too much in a day. Let us take one more item off of your hands and out of your bathroom drawer. 

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