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Self-Care Travel Tips + Packing List

November 15, 2022

Self-Care Travel Tips + Packing List

For most of us, travel is inevitable — be it work, vacations, or celebrations. And while some trips bring us more excitement than others, almost all carry a certain level of stress that visibly manifests through our minds or bodies. 

Ironically, when we're on the move, the same self-care rituals that keep us calm at home are ignored or compromised by the hassle of packing and lacking quality of travel-sized products, and we want to change the narrative on this.

We've crafted a list of clean portable products fit to fully nourish yourself on the go.

When I do my in-flight self-care, like drinking water mixed with ground chia seeds and mineral salt the entire time; facial misting and moisture masking to protect my skin’s barrier (that I also swab up my nostrils); and breathing in essential oils — I step off the plane feeling refreshed, my skin plump and healthy, and I’m ready to hit the road! No shriveled raisin here. 
— Holly Thorpe, Wildcraft founder

Build your rituals on the road, and indulge self-care in the air, with these travel-friendly favorites:


Hydrating less to mitigate bathroom breaks, 30k feet-high elevation or a blazing HVAC system that won’t turn off in your hotel room — Moisture finds a way to get sucked right out of our skin and hair during travel.

Here are a few hydration hacks and moisture-musts to keep you glowing and breakout free.



  • H. Hazel Eye Gel — in-flight, sittin' shot-gun, or once you arrive — pop these plumpers under your weary eyes for a quick refresh


  • CULT + KING Mini TONIK | Spray-in Conditioner & Scalp Potion — Hair and scalp can get dehydrated during travel too! Nourish and revamp your locks with this mini post-shower conditioning luxury (Pro Tip: can also use to hydrate and refresh beards)


  • RAEL Miracle Patch — easy toting zit patches for healing for pesky pop-up pimples before they're a problem

Health & Wellness

Create a safe bubble of health and zen with these protecting potions and wellness must-packs.


Make-Up and Toiletries

Broken bronzer and an exploded shampoo is the last thing anyone wants to see when they open up their bags after a long days journey. Let's avoid that mess with these perfectly packaged, no-mess travel goodies.


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