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    October 19, 2023

    Tammy Fender: Pure, Natural & Organic Skincare

    Embark on a journey of transformation with Tammy Fender's holistic approach to luxury skincare and well-being.

    Over 25 years ago, Tammy Fender, a dedicated aesthetician, set out on a mission to bring the purity and potency of nature to skincare. Today, her West Palm Beach spa and award-winning skincare line are cherished globally for their commitment to holistic beauty.

    Each product is a mirror of Tammy's spa. Her products bring strength back to the skin by not stripping or causing reactivity or sensitivty

    About Founder, Tammy Fender: A Skincare Pioneer

    In the heart of Tammy Fender's transformative journey lies a deep-rooted love for the plant kingdom, cultivated since childhood. Her renown spans across two and a half decades, where her custom botanical formulas have graced the complexions of beauty editors and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore.

    Tammy's hands-on approach, both in the laboratory and treatment room, continues to define the profound beauty of her healing work. Beyond being a holistic skincare pioneer, she is a passionate yogi, dancer, explorer, and traveler, harmonizing nature, well-being, and radiant living in her Florida abode.

    Crafting Holistic Beauty: The Art and Science

    Tammy Fender's commitment to holistic beauty is evident in their meticulous process of ingredient sourcing in France and Bulgaria. Many elements are wild-crafted or organically grown, upholding the integrity of each component. Employing unprecedented extraction techniques, they preserve the dynamic energies of plant remedies.

    Every jar and bottle embodies their loving care, crafted in small batches and hand-packaged. Born from Tammy's direct experience in the treatment room, their holistic formulations carry the wisdom of nature's plant remedies. Free from harmful additives, each blend captures the Pure Living Energy, the vibrant life force of nature's powerful healers.

    As Tammy beautifully puts it, "The mainstream beauty industry is full of quick fixes, but holistic beauty is also about healing on the deepest levels."

    Tammy's Transformative Formulas at Wildcraft

    Cleansing Milk: A Gentle Start to Radiance

    Lightly creamy, this natural facial cleanser effortlessly eliminates impurities. Specifically formulated for dry or sensitive skin, it blends Lavender for soothing, Fo-Ti for purification, and Grapefruit for Vitamin C and decongesting. In a gentle circular motion, apply to face and neck morning and evening, removing with a warm moist cloth. Repeat if removing makeup, and follow with a hydration mist.

    Epi-Peel: Award-Winning Exfoliator + Mask

    A facial in a jar! An award-winning micro-exfoliator and facial mask that combines Far West Native Spearmint, Moroccan Rosemary, and mineral-rich Kaolin Clay to detoxify, increase circulation and polish. Massage onto cleansed skin using circular motions, allow to dry for 5 minutes, and remove with a warm, moist cloth. Use 2 to 3 times weekly. Pro tip: "Quick Fix" Duo: Epi-Peel + Plant Milk or Quintessential Serum. 

    Plant Milk Serum: Nurturing Delicate and Sensitive Skin

    Plant Milk Serum is a milky emulsion nurturing delicate, acneic, and sensitive skin and/or stressed skin with traditional plant remedies. White Lily cocoons the skin to calm irritation. Milk Thistle is rich in Omega-6s for baby-soft skin. Coconut Milk cools the skin. Gently warm 1-2 pumps between fingertips and massage into the skin using circular motions for increased micro-circulation.

    Quintessential Serum Mini: The Ultimate Face Oil

    The ultimate face oil with frankincense and rose essence, this concentrated serum provides a wealth of nutrients. Press 1-2 drops onto damp skin, or applied throughout the day for a refreshing pick-me-up. Layered underneath Tammy Fender's Intensive Repair Balm is complete decadence.

    Intensive Repair Balm: Healing Moisturizer for Damaged Skin

    #1 Bestseller. This intensely hydrating moisturizer blends mega-doses of healing nutrients and regenerative botanicals such as Helichrysum, White Lily, and Lotus. This is perfect for any skin type, but especially beneficial for dry and/or sensitive. Apply to face and neck morning and evening. Reapply for added hydration if needed. Ideal as a spot treatment for dark patches and scars. Layer over Plant Milk Serum or Quintessential Serum. 

    Awakening Eye Gel: Reviving Tired Eyes with Ancient Remedies

    An ultra-nourishing eye cream blended with ancient plant remedies like Eye Bright and Elder Flower to combat puffiness and dark circles. Green Myrtle tightens the skin and is also great around the lips. The texture is light and silky. Gently pat a pea-sized amount around the eye area morning and evening. Quench tired eyes, especially after being on the computer. Activate the lymphatic system by tapping gently from the outer to inner corners.

    Restorative Radiance Masque Mini: Lavish Pampering

    A lavish bisque pink face mask infused with exotic nutritive extracts of lotus and baobab to repair and strengthen the skin, and precious floral waters of jasmine and rose. You will see a change in your skin after just one application. Apply a thick layer onto a cleansed face, neck, and décolleté, leaving on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with a warm, moist cloth. Recommended 3 times weekly. Pro tips: Use as a sleeping mask or on a flight!

    Clarifying Dermagel Mini: Balancing Act for Skin Troubles

    An antiseptic gel with thyme, tea tree, and myrrh, Clarifying Dermagel maintains balance while hydrating with Aloe. Smooth a small amount over affected areas morning and evening. Use to treat breakouts, ingrown hairs, and soothe aggravated skin.

    BONUS: Luxuriate In A Tammy Fender Holistic Beauty Ritual

    Experience skincare as a holistic journey with Tammy Fender’s carefully crafted Holistic Beauty Routine. From gentle cleansing to the indulgence of weekly treatments, each step is a celebration of self-care and inner harmony.

    Read below to explore this transformative ritual for radiant, healthy skin that goes beyond the surface.

    1. Cleanse.Gently apply a small amount of cleanser to your face and neck in a circular motion, morning and evening, to eliminate impurities. Wipe off with a warm, moist cloth. Repeat if removing makeup, followed by your preferred floral water.

    2. Tone. Apply the suitable floral water or tonic to a cotton pad, sweeping it over your face and neck morning and evening, or as needed, to restore, rehydrate, and soothe the skin, maintaining the precious pH balance.

    3. Treat.Using your fingertips, gently press ultra-concentrated treatment serums into your skin, providing essential nutrients and added protection morning and evening or as needed, leaving your skin refreshed with a luminous sheen.

    4. Moisturize.Apply a desired amount to your face and neck, letting the cream absorb. Use morning and evening, or as needed, to nourish and protect the skin, sealing in hydration with a protective veil. For those who wear makeup or sunscreen, layer them over your moisturizer.

    5. 3x Week. Support deep cleansing and restoration with exfoliants and treatment masks, up to three times weekly, either combined or used alone, to reveal a fresh, polished complexion.


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