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    November 15, 2022

    Self-Care Down There

    Health & Pampering for Intimate Skin


    Yep. We're going there. Wayyy down there. Because every part of your vessel deserves care and attention. Previous conditioning or stigma be damned — you're allowed to love all of yourself — all of the creases, crevices, nooks & crannies. 

    Every component of your intimate skin is beautiful and unique. From the clitoris and urethra to the vagina, vulva and labia, this often undercover and under-celebrated area of women's bodies are f-ing cool. Period (pun intended). This incredible region rids of harmful toxins, brings forth life, sparks pleasure, sheds blood, syncs with the moon and about a million other amazing things. These precious parts even have it pretty much handled when it comes cleaning and regulating themselves.

    But, a little extra tending to your lady garden still boasts a lot of benefits:

    • Rejuvenates, softens, and plumps your intimate skin

    • Calms and protects pre/post hair removal

    • Maintains proper moisture and elasticity

    • Balances your pH and eliminates unwanted bacteria/odors

    • Creates hydration and comfortability during sex with yourself or a partner

    • Helps you to feel closer to your body while cultivating a deeper sense of genuine self-love

    It is high time to take the same spirited attitude you put into your carefully-crafted facial routine and apply it to your sacred downstairs space. 

    The Goodies for Your Goodies

    To Stay Calm and Balanced

    Lady Suite Probiotic Cleanser.This gentle, vulva-friendly cleanser soothes and supports intimate skin's natural pH, fending off undesirable odors, itches, and discomfort. A unique formulation of Rose Quartz Powder exfoliates and prevents blemishes and bumps, while fruit extracts work to hydrate, calm and refresh the V. 

    To Ease Shaving Woes

    Lady Suite Glow Refiner.A real glow-getter that provides a natural solution for rough textured skin and ingrown hairs in the most sensitive of areas. It gently exfoliates, tones, brightens, and calms inflammation without any of the irritation or pain other acidic products or scrubs can cause.

    PRO TIP: Aids in hormonal breakouts around mouth and chin!

    A Daily Moisturizer For Your Lady Landscape


    Lady Suite Botanical Oil.Providing vital hydration to rejuvenate, protect, soften and calm intimate skin. It also tones and maintains balanced moisture, pH, and elasticity. Great for staving off sensitivity from hair removal (before or afterward), pampering post-pregnancy, nourishing dry skin (due to menopause, hormonal imbalance, birth control, or whatever). Oh, and this oil's sweet botanical blend smells like straight, juicy nectar of the goddesses.

    For When Your Koochie Needs Love

    Fat and the Moon KOOCH QUENCH SALVE.A soothing salve to quench a very thirsty, uncomfortable yoni. Deep hydration while maintaining a balanced environment. Great for post-birth, post-period (especially if you are using tampons), and simply any time your vagina feels parched.

    For In The Bedroom — The Best of Both Oils

    Province Apothecary Lover's Kit. A one-two punch to get you in the mood.

    Lover's Oil — A moisturizing massage oil with 10 of the most sensual essential oils that heightened the massage experience. Cultivates a sexual closeness with your partner.

    And after you’re all revved up from that massage…

    Sex Oil — A light, moisturizing, certified-organic plant blend with zero synthetic fragrance or toxic ingredients. Can be used on every part of the body and safe for all skin types (esp. sensi skin)!

    A Lube for Latex Lovers

    Wyld Skinny Dipping Sex Gel.A smooth, lightweight, water-based/aloe formula that serves just the right amount of slip and won't stain sheets. This hydrating lubricant is fragrance/synthetic-free and pH balanced to keep irritations and infections at bay. Safe to use with latex and on sex toys.

    For Self Pleasure (& a Whole New Way to Love Rose Quartz)

    Self Ceremony Rose Quartz Mini Moon Pleasure Wand.A small curved pleasure wand to explore yourself with intention and love. Tapered end for gentle penetration, massage, and release. Made from rose quartz to heighten a sense of self-celebrated love and connection.

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