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The Sustainable Future of Nail Polish

November 15, 2022

The Sustainable Future of Nail Polish

While it has become widely known that everyday products such as household cleaners, skincare products and makeup can contain toxins that negatively impact your health — the potentially harmful effects of nail polish is often unacknowledged.

We want to shed light on this under-discussed (yet, wildly import) topic and offer a solution.

Say hello to Sienna: The cleanest, plant-based, non-toxic nail polish in the world that is also sustainably made. Sienna does not compromise on quality, result or color selection — finally filling the void of clean and green in the nail industry.

Now, let's nerd out on nail polish a little more:


Many nail polishes containtoxic ingredients that impact our health not only through nails and fingers but toxic fumes released into the air we breathe. Think — intense smells that smack you over the nose when you first walk into a nail salon. Combined, these poisons pose a wide range of problems from being known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and allergens to being linked to liver and kidney damage, anemia, decreased blood cell count, reproductive problems, nervous system issues and more. Formaldehyde, anyone?

In response to these issues, a lot of nail polish brands have green-washed consumers by deeming their products "clean", *7-free, 10-free, 21-free* numbers based on how many chemicals are excluded from their formulas. The issue is — they're also excludingthe terrible toxins they're leaving in their formulas, usually going by names we cannot pronounce.

When it comes to picking your polish, it’s well worth doing your research. We are passionate about using non-toxic ingredients that will protect both the planet and your health.

Our carefully curated selection of non-toxic nail polish is here to give you beautiful nails, with no nasties, all you need to do is worry about which colour to choose.
— Sienna Byron Bay

With little regulation on branding, it is also common for brands to include as many *X-free's* as possible to create the facade of higher nail safety, including toxins that were never in their formula to begin with, giving them a higher “X-free” number to market.

Sienna has not labeled their polish in this way, letting their ingredients list speak for itself (and we're freaking loving it). We like to call it “beyond X-free".” While it is incredible challenging to craft 100% chemical-free, natural nail polish, Sienna comes the closest with their transparency and commitment to keeping these harmful chemicals to a minimum while delivering beautifully colored, strong and healthy nails.

It is worth mentioning that Sienna polish has never contained Benzophenone-1, a known endocrine disrupter. Some of the polishes labelled X-free still include it in their formulas, so when in doubt, check the ingredients list.


Cleanest polish on the market boasting an exclusive plant-based formula, free of aluminum, nano-particles and micro-plastics. (Glitter = micro-plastics!) Certified by MADE SAFE® who has analyzed every single ingredient and deemed Sienna the cleanest.

Formula allows air and water molecules to pass through the film of polish, making it fast drying, longer wearing and all shades breathable.

Bright poppin' pallets, dark moody shades, understated nudes — there is literally zero compromise here on color choice (inspired by the colors and culture of Byron Bay, Australia).

Vegan, cruelty free, and uses innovative green technology during production — from recyclable glass body, brushes and biodegradable wooden caps made from local destructive pest timber, to sustainably sourced plant ingredients, this is as green as is gets.

Sienna is also thefirst micro-plastic free, aluminum freeand nano-particle free nail polish in the world!


Most innovative and cleanest formula possible. With a rainbow of color choices to paint your mood and natural ingredients derived from sugarcane, cassava, cotton and corn.


Serves the extra support needed to make your nails long and strong in between manis. Can also be used as a base coat to help nail polish adhere to the natural nail while protecting your nail bed!

NATURAL CUTICLE OIL (with Horsetail)

Maintains nail health by supporting and hydrating the matrix (new growth) part of the nail anatomy. Add one drop to the base of each nail after you’ve completed your mani routine or any other time for extra nail growth and hydration.


Sustainable, reusable, safe and simple. The fine grit allow you to safely file in both directions without splitting or peeling. 

Strengthening Nail Polish Remover is also available!


How long will it last on my nails?

Length of time depends on the strength and condition of your nails, i.e. stronger nails with retain color longer than soft or or brittles ones (Pssst this is where Sienna Nail Strengthenersteps in 💪). TIP: Re-apply Top Coat every day!

How many coats do I need to get full coverage

Number of coats depends on personal preference and the shade. Two coats provides full coverage for most colors, but layer as you like to get the depth you desire!

How long do I need to wait between coats?

30-60 seconds is ample time for a thin layer of nail polish to dry. TIP: By the time you’ve painted all your nails, they have dried enough for you to start a second coat!

How long does it take to dry?

After applying base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat — allow at least 15 minutes for nails to dry. Even if nails feel dry, note that they are not completely dry for 2-3 hours after painting.

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