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    August 17, 2023

    To be fully transparent, I’m not the best flyer. Not only do I loathe packing, my mind can be anxious in the airport, my body antsy in the seat, and my skin can easily get dull and dehydrated from the dry cabin air. Over the years, I’ve created and shared my flying rituals with many people, and they love it! These tips will get you to your destination with calm, glowy skin, and a supported immune and energetic system.

    Below is my entire flow for long-haul, overnight flights. Depending on how long or short your flight is, you can pick and choose from these moments to create your own in-flight ritual. It helps turn a potentially cramped, anxious journey into one of self-care indulgence that feels so good!

    A couple weeks ago I flew to Arizona where I knew it would be extra hot and dry (hello 110º !), plus the 5-6 hours up in the dry cabin air, and these steps saved my skin!


    The night before my flight, I ...
    1. Cleanse with an oil cleanser for extra skin nourishment (like MARA CHIA + MORINGA® ALGAE ENZYME CLEANSING OIL or Maya Chia The Great Cleanse)
    2. Hydrate with Laurel Hydrating Elixir I
    3. Treat with LINNE RENEW Face Serum, a stable Vitamin C, skin plumper + protects from environmental stressors
    4. Mask with Josh Rosebrook's Advanced Hydration Mask. I use this mask like my "night cream" and sleep it in! And hold that thought, we'll be circling back to this mask again below!


    I'll repeat the SKIN PREP steps👆, but I'll use an oil serum and/or facial balm for Step 4. This step seals in hydration and will protect my skin barrier. If you're like me and prefer a window seat, I'll also apply a mineral sunscreen next, like RMS Supernatural Radiance SPF 30.

    Try to avoid eating any drying, processed foods or coffee. For breakfast, I'll eat (or pack) whole foods like hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, turkey sausage, avocado, fruit, cucumber, apple, etc.

    As a supplement, I'll take two droppers sublingually of LifeCykel Chaga for immunity and energy. Then I'll toss it into my liquids bag to take daily on my trip!


    As soon as I take my seat, I sanitize the seat tray and armrests with Jao Refresher. Then I’ll rub two drops of my Pranarom Good Samaritan or Sinus Formula Essential Oil blend in my hands, cup my face, inhale deeply, then lightly sweep my hair, neck and chest to give myself a barrier protection. (You can also put a couple drops on a tissue or cloth to inhale throughout the flight.)

    I’ll also rub the inside of my nostrils with a multi-use balm, like All Good Brand Goop (reapplying as needed). Dry nostrils = vulnerability to pathogens.

    I ensure my phone/iPad screen is in Night Mode 24/7 to help keep my eyes and mind calm, and to be able to sleep. Bonus points: Also turn your screen red with a red color tint found within Settings > Accessibility on an iPhone. Say no to blue light!


    I apply LOTUSWEI Inner Peace Anointing Oil to my wrists and neck and inhale deeply. This is also great while waiting in TSA lines! Its beautiful lavender and spice scent, along with its flower magic to facilitate deep peace, calm, comfort, and strength during times of high stress.


    As a Taurus, I crave my creature comforts. I wear or pack a wrap or lightweight scarf to double as a blanket and/or face wrap. Covering my face helps control the humidity! I pack snuggly socks that I immediately change into. Neck pillow, a must.

    When I’m ready for sleep, I’ll drink a Moon Juice Magnesi-Om packet mixed with water, eat a Plant People Sleep Gummy, put on my eye mask, and I’m out! Yes, I’ll be able to sleep on the plane!


    Protecting the barrier of my skin is huge. On an overnight flight, I open my tray table, pull out my travel mirror, cleanse with an Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe, spray my hydrating mist, and apply Josh Rosebrook's calming Advanced Hydration Mask. I'll keep this mask on while I sleep, continuing to mist throughout the flight.

    Then I'll apply All Good's Goop to my hands, nails, nostrils and lips.


    At least a half-hour before landing, I’ll go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I'll pull out my travel mirror again, cleanse my face with an Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe, hydrate with a mist, and apply a facial oil serum. Then I’ll apply a little concealer and a multi-purpose tint on my cheeks, lids and lips. Viola!

    If you're not on a overnight flight, continue to mist your face throughout the flight with a travel-size hydrating mist, like APOTERRA's Rose Essential Hydrating Mist, and apply 100% Pure Eye Gels. They're extremely hydrating and handle puffiness!

    When we deplane, I don’t look or feel like a shriveled raisin, my skin feels plump and healthy, and I’m ready to hit the road! 


    I'll empty one LMNT electrolyte packet  (available in-store only) into a large empty glass or metal water bottle that I'll bring with me on the plane, ready to pour water into. Plus, I'll pack my own herbal tea packets. I particularly like this Flying Bird Botanicals Peaceful Spirit Tea with herbs to help calm my nervous system.

    For water at the airport, I recommend only purchasing Evian, Icelandic, or Fiji brands. Then I pour my purchased water into my own water bottle that has the added electrolytes ready to shake up! I drink clean, good-quality water, and I don't use the water bottle refill stations at the airport.

    Eat your water! An apple is more hydrating than a small bottle of water. It's also surprising how many whole foods are available at the airport. You can grab fruit, greek yogurt, meat and cheese snacks, keto nutrition bars, jerky, and nuts, like pistachios. A good-quality dark chocolate bar, too!

    I also like to mist my nostrils with Xlear Nasal Spayto help flush pathogens and moisturize my sinus cavities during the flight and after I land. I'll use this nasal mist AM/PM throughout my trip!

    At drink service on the flight, I request hot water for the herbal tea that I packed. No soda, coffee, or alcohol. Then hold your steeping tea up to your face and nose, take time to breathe in the moisture, feel the steam on your face, and create a mini-spa moment for yourself.

    Many of us are sensitive to, or want to mitigate EMF and radiation exposure.

    If so, I highly recommend these products to support your system and mitigate the effects:

    • Mist face, head, and neck with LOTUSWEI SACRED BODY MIST or take a dropper full of the SACRED BODY ELIXIR to clear negative or foreign energies and nourish and revitalize your Qi. It's infused with nine flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing, and vitality.
    • Wear a Leela Quantum H.E.A.L.® Energy Capsule necklace to create a quantum field around you to neutralize EMF, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and WLAN frequencies by over 99.5%.


    • Travel Mirror
    • Lightweight Scarf or Wrap
    • Hydrating snacks
    • Empty water bottle
    • Toothpaste & Toothbrush (for a long haul/overnight flight)





    This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your own intuition, physician or other healthcare professional.

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