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All Things Rose, From Head to Toes

October 20, 2022

All Things Rose, From Head to Toes

Stop and smell (and eat, drink + bathe in...😌) the roses.

The rose is an ancient flower revered for its timeless beauty and healing properties. Its versatility adds to the lengthy list of “rose pros” as it can be used topically, in foods, elixirs, baths 🛀🏿, aromatically 👃 and so much more. Rose possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it is naturally astringent and antibacterial as well as loaded with vitamins and minerals. It treats digestive distress, soothes anxiety, headaches and opens up the heart 💞.

Wildcraft boasts a wide range of products to fit all đŸŒčrose-related needs. Peep 👀 our faves below 👇.

  1. HENNE Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliator:

    A delicate lip 💋 scrub with rose-scented sugar crystals that gently removes dry skin. It leaves your lips smooth, exfoliated and moisturized.

  2. ANIMA MUNDI Dirty Rose Chai Collagen Booster:

    Composed of adaptogens and ancient herbs known to beautify, repair, and restore. ThisÂ đŸŒ± plant-based collagen strengthens bones, nails, hair, tissue skin and assists digestive ease. 

  3. SMOKE Rose Tincture:

    Organically grown blooms formulated into a rose elixir. This potion calms jitters, eases insomnia, and fills your senses with pure rose taste and aroma. Can be taken under the tongue or added to drinks or in bathwater 🛁.

  4. PRANAROM Damask Rose Precious Flower Water Hydrosol:

    Has a toning and tightening effect, encouraging circulation 🌀 and restoring radiance and vitality to your complexion. Spray 💩 directly onto skin and scalp .

  5. STEEL BIRCH Rose Scrub:

    A lavish whipped 🍩 body scrub that clears away bacteria and inflammation, providing gentle yet deep exfoliation. Leaves your body moisturized and smelling sweet.

  6. SMOKE Rose Body Oil:

    Uplifts and opens the heart. Made with organic roses gathered at each full moon 🌝! Can be used as a shaving oil, moisturizer, massage oil, oil cleanser, face serum or aromatherapy.

  7. MOUNT LAI Rose Quartz Tension Melting Massager:

    Deeply kneads the skin and muscles for an at-home luxury facial massage 💆. Adds definition to facial features, releases tension, reduces facial puffiness and helps to firm and tighten the skin.

  8. LITTLE BARN APOTHECARY Aloe + Rosewater Multi-tasking Hydration Mask:

    Pineapple 🍍 and papaya extracts soften and loosen dead, dull skin while aloe vera and rosewater renew and moisturize leaving your skin glowing, fresh and supple! 

Integrating rose đŸŒč into your daily life will keep your heart open and your health and happiness in bloom.

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