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All Natural Reset and Recovery

January 11, 2023

All Natural Reset and Recovery
No matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it — for many people, the last couple months of the year can feel like a lot: High energy and movement abound. Increased social gatherings with intense conversation, dense foods, and potent beverages. Long travel periods, less downtime, and altered sleep patterns.

Whatever it looks like for you, recovery from moments like these is vital.

Our team wants to share some of our personal favorite (+ effective and clean) products to help you reset and recover after — not just the holiday season — but after any extended period of chaos or overwhelm during the year.

Oh, and we think you're perfect just the way you are, but if the New Year has you in the spirit to switch up your habits or make lifestyle changes — we've also added in some products that act as supplement alternatives and/or fully support those transitions and goals..


For those taking a snooze from booze or simply wish to switch up their sips — these elixirs make the perfect addition to any mocktail during "Dry January" and beyond:


Whether you are pushing weight in the gym or taking long walks in your neighborhood, here are a couple supplements to support you:


Too many glasses of eggnog resulting in a two week hangover? Maybe you forgot to drink enough water because of the copious amounts of delicious hot cocoa being consumed. Either way, knock dehydration and the nasty feels that come with it, with these:
  • WTHN, Indulgence Relief — upset stomach, a clear head, body aches
  • WTHN, Head to Toe Relief — relieve aches and pains ~ body to head aches
  • LMNT, Recharge (Electrolyte Drink Mix) — replenish electrolytes, mental recharge (available in-store only)


(Over)indulgence happens; we don't judge, we just wanna help. Combat a temperamental tummy, lend your liver a hand in detoxing, and direct your digestion down a balanced path with these natural regulators:

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