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Introducing Heretic Parfum

February 14, 2023

Introducing Heretic Parfum


Someone who does not conform to the established ideals or opinions of the masses.

Pioneers of handcrafted natural fragrances made with functioning plant-based ingredients

Get down and dirty with Heretic Parfum — the newest (badass) addition to Wildcraft.

This line of natural fragrances is not your average spritz. Heretic works with naturally-derived botanical ingredients to create small-batch, non-gendered fragrances using ancient perfumery traditions.

The raw ingredients showcase an unpolished side of the plants and flowers used — from dirt to stem to petals. These elements' organic imperfections and earthly beauty create a new and unique experience for people who are used to wearing traditional and synthetic perfumes.

The Original Heretic

 "Douglas Little is the Founder, Perfumer, Creative Director and driving force behind Heretic Parfum. Since childhood, Douglas has been bewitched by fragrances and through decades of experience, has learned to create scents that are nothing short of magical. From the earliest days of his career, Douglas has blended and launched exceptional fragrances using natural materials."


How Are Natural Fragrances Different?

Natural Fragrances mean that each ingredient is derived from a natural source — a rare practice in the fragrance industry due to high cost and lack of availability. This is superior to "traditional" or "clean" fragrances that are created using mainly synthetic materials (even when they claim otherwise). 

Their Natural Process

These fragrances are inspired by ancient traditions crafted with the same methods used hundreds of years ago by artisan perfumers — witch doctors, outsiders, alchemists, the original heretics.

They use traditional extraction methods (distillation, expression, and extraction) to obtain essential oils, isolates, absolutes and resins from plants and flowers. Those are then used to blend into the unique fragrances at high concentrations to create more than just your everyday scent.

"It’s worth every effort for you to experience not only the incredible scent profiles of these raw extracts but also benefit from their aromatherapeutic properties."

Shop The Scent

These wildly provocative fragrances wear light and sheer. Increase their longevity by reapplying throughout the day. Layer two or three parfums to create your own powerful, signature scent.

Heretic Parfum Bergamusk 
Clean and alluring. This musky yet uplifting scent energizes the spirit.

Heretic Parfum Dirty Coconut
Sensual, warm, and woody. Boasts an exotic aroma that relaxes and calms.

Heretic Parfum Dirty Vanilla
Sweet and with a hint of spicy to deepen both sensuality and self-love.

Heretic Parfum Scandalwood 
Grounding, floral and exotic. Promotes love and healing.

Heretic Parfum Florgasm 
Bright and seductive with a tingle of pepper. Stimulates creativity and passion.

Heretic Pafum Dirty Hinoki
Woody and earthy. A Japanese “forest bath” in a bottle.

Get obsessed with the dirty side of clean.

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