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November 15, 2022 2 min read

There are no shortages of reasons we can’t fall asleep at night: thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list 📝, stressin' over Friday's presentation 👩‍💻, traveling to a different time zone 🧳. But, have you ever considered that the constant lengthening and shorting of day and night, as seasons change, throws off our sleep patterns too?

This last one may seem obvious and minute, but we are cyclical creatures🌀 that function in relation to light exposure. When the length of day or night changes, like during Daylight Saving Time events — appetite, mood, and sleep flow are thrown offmore than we realize. Thankfully, there are solutions for our bodies to find balance⚖️.

Let’s avoid another sneaky disruptor of rest (& maybe squash the others ↑ too) with our super sleep supporters.

Roots and Leaves Magnesium Body Butter

Around 80% of humans are deficient in Magnesium ⬇️ yet it is one of the most important mineralsin our body ~ regulating vital functions and essential for cellular health. This body butter provides a balanced dose of Magnesium aiding in relief 🙏 of migraines/headaches, restless limbs, anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability, nausea, abnormal heart rhythms, low bp, confusion and muscle spasms and pain.

Anima Mundi Dream Elixir

This botanical elixir has rich historical use that ignites deep states of meditation 🧘 and visionary sleep. It relaxes the nervous system, helps restore proper adrenal function, supports the body to lucid dream and enhances the sight of the third eye 👁.

The Dream Self Ceremony Herbal Smokes

A tobacco-free, sacred me-time moment. This supportive blend of herbs promotes relaxation by lifting spirits 💫and calming restless minds 😵‍💫. It also helps with digestion and restful sleep, making it an ideal ally against stress and anxiety.

Winged Sleeyhead Gummies

A gummy that quiets the mind 🙇 and reduces anxiousness before bed 🛌, promoting longer stages of REMsleep and Alpha brainwaves 〰️ to improve sleep quality. It also protects against hormonal swingsthat can interrupt sleep cycle 🌀.

Life Cykel Reishi+ Liquid Double Extract

Used for many millennia in Asian cultures to treat insomnia and cardiovascular diseases, Reishi is regarded as a symbol of health ⚕️, longevity, success and divine power 🌟. It has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, enhances immune system and promotes deep sleep and relaxation 💤.

Choose to snooze with these restful goodies.