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Ask us About Melasma

October 20, 2022

Ask us About Melasma

Wildcraft’s Green Team answers questions about all matters Melasma and summer skin safety:

What are your favorite products for Melasma Repair?

Using products with Vitamins A and C, in tandem, yields the best results! A best-selling favorite is Maya Chia’s Super Lift Vitamin C. It contains 3 forms of shelf-stable Vitamin C and was created to both brighten and protect the skin (the firming effects are an added bonus 😉). Also applying the powerhouse Straight A Serum by Maya Chia on a nightly basis can dramatically help even out skin tone over time.

Tips and Tools for Moving Out Melasma?

Increasing the skin’s circulation 🌀 to break up pigmentation and stagnation is so important. Province Apothecary’s Studded Jade Roller is a great tool to accomplish this. Use a few times every week 📆 but, never on sunburnt skin!

Not all Sunny Days are the Same, SPF Suggestions for different moments?

Top protective pick for a “no cloud-cover” beach day is definitely All Good Mineral Tinted Sunscreen. Providing UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection, the minerals in this product will reflect both harmful rays and heat from your skin. Plus, it's water resistant💧and reef-friendly 🐠.

When surfing, swimming and unable to wear a hat for ray-blockage, load up on Province Apothecary’s Healing Eczema Balm (especially on facial areas that already have high pigmentation). Even though it was created to calm eczema, this balm does so much more. It's loaded with zinc, oatmeal and calendula to powerfully protect, reflect sun and calm inflammation.

Lastly, Graydon Face Glow is an incredible, light-weight tinted moisture for day-to-day sun protection. It is not labeled as a sunscreen, but the amount of non-nano zinc it possesses makes it an SPF 20! This multitasker delivers brightening and protective ingredients with highlighting effects — serving you a radiant (and sun-safe) complexion.

Sunscreen (✅). Any other ways to arm up against harmful rays?

Antioxidants and botanical oils possess natural sun protection that not many people know about 😎. They do not replace the need for sunscreen, but will help to build your skin's natural resistance to the sun.

Some lovely products that include these are: Laurel Sun Serum, loaded with antioxidant-rich whole plants 🌱, red raspberry seed and carrot seed 🥕 (natural SPF protectors), and Laurel Day Balm, which creates a barrier of defense against free radical sun damage whilst lightening hyperpigmentation and moisturizing.

Bonus Tip:Using products with plants high in Carotenoids is a preventative against melasma (and brighten any already existing)! Carotenoids are the protective pigments of plants, and when you put them on your own skin your skin has less need to protect itself (both the Laurel products above are loaded with this)!

Last bits of advice before we say goodbye?

Wear a hat when you can 👒, eat fruits and vegetables high
in antioxidants 🥦🍓 and drink a lot of water 🚰!

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