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    Multi-sensory botanical self care. Sea salt will set you free.

    Use:Pour in bath as a soak or use as a body scrub.
    Classic Gem and Honey Soaks - Infused with local, bio-dynamic honey the keepers call their "magic honey" and charged with quartz.Hand blended sea soaks for a multi sensory bathing experience. Sourced from the finest ingredients from across the wild yonder...
    All Contain: quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, biodynamic honey and pure essential oils and resins.

    Blends (essential oils):


    Luna spearmint, ginger, eucalyptus. A mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey and organic essential oils and resins. Multi-sensory botanical self care. Soak or used as body scrub. Gem and Honey infused Mineral Soak / Body Scrub Luna spearmint, ginger, eucalyptus

    Under the Zenfluence:

    "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water." Zen proverb. Soak away under the zenfluence. Created to facilitate a connection with your highest self. Calm and rested, mindful and groovy. Blending the precious oils of steam distilled Hinoki, organic Hawaiian Sandalwood, organic Petitgrain sur fleurs and organic Lemongrass. Brought together in gratitude and chosen for their historic use for meditation, calming and grounding. Pour in bath and relax, you are now under the zenfluence.

    Anti Bad Vibe Shield:

    Our good vibes collaboration with Ozzie Wrong, pro-surfer and artist.Hand blended and full of good vibrations.Our organic bio-dynamic honey is picked up by us locally from one of the longest running botanical farms in the country. They call it "magic honey". Only pure, from the sweet Earth goodness, connecting you with the botanical kingdom for a multi-sensory experience.

    Rose The Vibe:

    An aromatic high vibe journey into your hearts center.
    Blended with organic Bulgarian Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.
    Studies how just one drop of Rose otto oil placed on the toe effect the entire body within 20 minutes. This bathing elixir is a blend of Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood -the aroma is subtle and leans more toward the sandalwood. This elixir is more about the energetic properties of the rose rather than the aroma. Our Rose Otto is a precious oil that we use sparingly with care and respect.
    Ingredients: (all organic) Quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, Bulgarian Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil and biodynamic honey.

    2.5 ounce