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Common Joy Luffa Sponge ~ Locally Grown!

All Plant. All Purpose. All People.

We love this natural, plant-based sponge product grown right here in Charleston, SC and know you will too!

If you haven't given up on synthetic sponges yet, we guarantee you will after using a Common Joy Luffa Sponge.

Our luffa sponges are grown organically, processed with fewer chemicals, and selected to be softer on your skin.

What is Luffa

Luffa aegyptiaca is a species of plant in the Curcurbitaceae (Cue-Ker-Bit-Aye-Cee-Aye) family. Think: Melons, Pumpkins, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Squash, etc. It is native to South and Southeast Asia. It thrives in moist, hot environments. Perfect for the Lowcountry! They are also naturally pest and disease resistant. In addition to being used as a sponge, the young fruits are eaten in a similar fashion to zucchini or summer squash. Luffa is a versatile and resilient plant that can be easily grown.

Common Joy was founded in 2017 on the principle that there are certain elements of life that can create joy for every person, regardless of status, longitude, latitude, nationality, or race. Nature. Food. Learning. Music. Healing. These are among the many threads that bind us all. Through sustainable agriculture and education Common Joy strengthens those ties. It is our goal to bring people closer to nature, help reduce our footprint, and share ways we can care for ourselves – and our planet. We also want the world to hear about the wonders of luffa!

100% US Grown Luffa sponge. 1.5-2.5" wide. 4.5-5.5" long. Sizes vary slightly as they are a naturally grown product.

Uses:Kitchen, Bath, Household. Longer lasting. Synthetic sponge alternative. Plastic-free. Compostable package and sponge. Minimal waste.