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bareaya Shaving Brush

Get the most out of your shaving routine with this Shaving Brush, chosen specifically to increase lather and maximise the effects of our shaving bars.


  • Soft bristles, optimum for sensitive skin
  • Creates a rich lather
  • Natural wood handle
  • Vegan Bristles - No Animal Products
  • A wonderful alternative to badger or boar hair brushes


  1. Wet the brush by running it under some warm water.
  2. Gently squeeze out the excess of water
  3. Friction the brush in circular motions over your shaving bar (available here) in your palm or in a bowl to create a lather
  4. Apply to the skin
  5. Rinse the brush.

How to Prolonge your Shaving Brush’s life:

  • Never use water super hot water (you should be able to appreciate the temperature, if not it means it's too hot for the brush too)
  • Do not pull the bristles. When squeezing excess water out, simply squeeze the knot, do not pull the bristles.
  • Do not press the brush too hard on either the soap or your skin. The tip of the bristle is enough.
  • After use, rinse thoroughly, shake out any excess water, and dry the brush on a clean towel. Do not store away a damp brush.
  • Soap and other minerals will eventually build up on your brush. A soak in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution for less than a minute will remove most of these deposits.

Why we went for synthetic fibers:

We were asked so many times if we would offer a shaving brush, so we started looking into it. Bristles can only be of two origins: animal or synthetic. Sadly, no plant-based bristle can create the lather a shaving brush is supposed to create. Bareaya is a company who fights plastic waste. But we are also a company supporting cruelty-free products. We faced the dilemma. And, knowing that a shaving brush is something you can keep and don't need to be replaced regularly, we finally opted for synthetic fibers.