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Bamboo Switch Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss | Natural White ~ Refillable

Organic All Natural Bamboo Floss (30m/90ft) in Glass Jar

Vegan, Completely Biodegradable and Coated with Candelilla Plant Wax


This plastic free bamboo floss is the best eco-friendly and non toxic alternative to nylon floss, which overwhelms our landfills and oceans. This vegan floss gets the job done better than normal nylon but at an incredibly affordable price. Start a zero waste life today with this naturally low impact bamboo charcoal infused floss.

Please reuse the glass jar for refill floss or other creative ideas.


Floss is a plastic waste product not often considered but is proven to be one of the worst. Harmful to animals of every size and taking hundred of years to breakdown. Their all-natural Organic Bamboo Floss ensures that no plastic is left behind and you still have a great dental care routine without breaking the bank.


Organic Bamboo Floss, Natural Mint Flavor, Charcoal Infused Version*, Coated with Natural Plant Derived Candelilla Wax

30m / 90ft