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  • Rattlesnakes and Rainbows | Postcard Art Print | 8 OF PENTACLES

    The 8 of Pentacles


    • Printed on photo matte paper
    • Hang as art
    • Use as mailpiece/postcard
    • Dimensions: 5x7


    • Sun in Virgo
    • Earth and Air

    Keywords:mastering one's craft, experiencing prosperity, following the heart, the master within, training and skill, work in the world, prudence.

    The Eight of Pentacles depicts the energy of focusing, with complete concentration and enjoyment, on our task at hand. The task is that of service to the world through our individual and unique craft; that gift which we came to the world to give. It also is a symbol of the harvest or of reaping the rewards of attending to our commitment- to fulfilling our mission. This comes not through force or chaos, but through organizing, attending to details and trust. One must trust that the support will come to one who is wise, persistent and disciplined. When we fully commit to ourselves in this way, it is said that all of Providence will rise to meet us. Make the commitment, be persistent and you will be rewarded greatly.

    I have used Saraca asoca (lower yellow flower) as it is helpful for allowing one who feels they have no time, to realize there is time, right now. All the time you need is here for you, choose the things that will add richness to your life. Time will move as fast or as slow as you perceive it does. Time is made in the mind, so make it work for you. Echinacea is used as it will help support one with a strong cohesive sense of who they are in the world. We need this sense if we are to have the fortitude and persistence to, day after day, year after year, master the craft that we have been called to. It will support you by providing a container to transition into a fuller and stronger sense of yourself. Goldenrod is wonderful, attuned to the sun, golden and bright! The essence will help us when our task, being repetitive, seems challenging as all great accomplishments do. When things get tough, when we falter with our faith in our abilities, goldenrod will help us find our inner resources again. With the help of this friend we will find it possible to persevere!


    Each of these paintings is part of a series of 78 botanical tarot cards. The cards symbolize different archetypal experiences we go through in our lives that help initiate us into our wholeness, our healing. The cards act as a bridge to our subconscious. They become a mirror for us that reflects back the symbols and messages that want to reach us from the spirit realm. The images that one sees will vary and change with each viewer. It's helpful to stay open to the message that is being sent as you gaze into it, they are very powerfully healing and come essentially from your own ancient and timeless self.

    This deck focuses on the energetic healing properties of botanicals, more specifically, flower essences. They are plant spirits that work upon our energetic body to help restore balance and health, easing us out of old, negative and habitual mental patterns. Each flower offers a specific medicine and can help support us as we pass through these archetypal experiences of life. Plants deeply want to help us and can support us in seeing our true nature. The healing power behind this deck comes from them and their choice to inhabit these paintings as a frequency and flow freely out to all who need it. They are asking us to connect with them as our ancestors have. It is my creative intention with this deck that we all connect to and align with our ultimate Nature that desires to care for eachother, for the plants, the planet and ourselves. May we all open to the magic found in Nature. May we all see our Divinity within the flower!