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Nomadic Priestess Crystal Elixir Aura Mist | 100ml - Peace


100% All-Natural Water-Based Essence Infused with Healing Crystal Energies. Mist Your Aura & Your Environment to Receive the Healing Benefits.

Peace is scented with All-Natural Bergamot + Jasmine Essential Oils. Includes 5 ml of distilled Apple Brandy to extend shelf life.

Chakra - Soul Star 

Benefits  - Peace of Mind, Connection to a Higher Purpose

This blend helps us cultivate peace by understanding the lessons in life's challenges. It is a wonderful tool for embracing neutrality, and accessing our higher purpose and guidance.

Danburite: Actualizes Enlightenment
Scolecite: Nurtures Understanding & Balance
Selenite: Creates Pathways to Resolution
Time Link Quartz: Accesses Past & Future Realities to Improve Present Life

Made in United States

100ml size