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Nomadic Priestess Crystal Elixir Aura Mist | 100ml - Creation


A powerful tool to boost your manifestation practice. The crystal allies in this blend support growth of new projects, business ideas, investments, or anything you are intentionally wanting to call into your experience.

For External Use Only: Mist Your Aura & Your Environment to Receive the Healing Benefits.

“Abundance is my birthright.” -Affirmation

Creation Crystal Elixir Aura Mist is 100% All-Natural.

Violet glass spray bottle with cap-lock.

Chakra - Solar Plexus

Benefits - Manifestation, Material Abundance

Scent - Atlas Cedarwood & Black Pepper

Made in the USA, Asheville, NC.


Water-Based essence infused with healing crystal energies.

Scented with all-natural, organic essential oils.

Includes 5 ml of distilled Apple Brandy to extend shelf life.

Golden Topaz: Supports Manifestation
Moss Agate: Nourishes Rapid Growth
Amethyst: Transmutes Negativity & Doubt
Clear Quartz Cluster: Amplifies Inspiration

100ml size