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  • MyoLift™ QT Plus Facial Toning Device


    MyoLift QT is your new favorite advanced skin care solution with up to 400 microamps of microcurrent intensity in the comfort of your home.

    This handheld microcurrent device uses Smart Current™ technology, which allows for customized, professional grade treatments and long-lasting results. MyoLift™ QT is the perfect combination of natural and scientific skin care. The patented technology encompasses decades of research and experience delivering microcurrent energy with precision.

    Who is this for?

    • Those looking to reduce fine lines & wrinkles • Those looking to maintain a youthful appearance

    • Those who want the spa treatment and results at home and on the go

    Facial Toning Device + Hands-Free Attachments

    Microcurrent Treatment Benefits

    ✓Lifted skin for more youthful appearance

    ✓Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

    ✓Prevent future fine line and wrinkles

    ✓Facial contouring to define cheekbones and chin

    ✓Improves skins texture

    ✓Diminishes acne


    The MyoLift QT, which stands for Quick Treatment, is a FDA-Cleared microcurrent device that comes with 9 preset protocols, plus the ability to create your own treatment. Included in the box are 3 conductive masks and our popular ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel. MyoLift QT utilizes smart current technology which connects to your bluetooth via smartphone and allows you to choose treatments easily from your phone.

    This device connects to our MyoLift App, which has video tutorials that allows users to easy follow along and achieve professional grade treatments and long-lasting results. Smart Current™ is what makes MyoLift QT at-home microcurrent facial treatments deeper, better, faster, easier and safer than other handheld microcurrent machines on the market.


    Microcurrent is a way to stimulate the energy of your skin cells (this energy is called Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP), in turn helping with the production of Collagen and Elastin. The instant results include even skin tone, reduced fine lines and enhanced skin with a youthful glow which is why it’s often referred to as the non-surgical facelift.

    Let's start with the basics - What is Facial Toning via Microcurrent?

    Facial toning is the process of re-establishing the skin and muscles of the face and neck back to its original position. This is done by electrostimulation "Passive Exercising" of the skin and skeletal muscles. Metal electro-probes are used to stimulate certain muscles by (lifting or stretching the muscle, depending on the waveform selected), opening the freeways of electrical current so it runs freely to every cell in the body and stimulates a biological reaction.

    Facial toning devices increase work, both on the inside and outside of the skin, such as increasing muscle volume while firming and tightening. The skin is regenerated due to ATP production, and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Furthermore, they increase blood circulation for skin nourishment.

    How does microcurrent create these biological changes in our skin and muscles?

    Microcurrent is an electrical current that exists in our bodies. As the body (or any of its counterparts) age or become injured or impaired, the flow of this natural current is compromised. It is these compromised injuries, along with the aging process, that becomes a contributing factor in the skin's inability to repair itself in a healthy and timely manner. Microcurrent contributes to the increased blood flow and exchange of oxygen and other biological components which allow for the release of energy to the targeted tissues and halts the breakdown of the collagen/elastin network. Subsequently, microcurrent will increase collagen types 1, 2 for the skin.


    MyoLift QT is an app-based device. In order to use your MyoLift QT handheld microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness you must have the MyoLift QT mobile app downloaded to your smartphone. This app is friendly to both iOS and Android phone users. You also have the option to use the tool without following video tutorials!

    MyoLift QT +  App Gives Access to 100s of free Mini facial treatments

    • 5min - 20+ minute treatments to match your schedule
    • New to microcurrent? Real esthetician tutorials on how to use the device for beginners.

      The MyoLift QT and corresponding MyoLift QT App also provide a custom setting which allows you to create "Your Own Lift Treatment". This option also allows for a more advanced facial lifting and toning treatment with *Conductive Gloves.
      *Conductive Gloves are not included with purchase of this kit.
      What's included in the Box: MyoLift QT Handheld Microcurrent Device, one (1) Conductive Forehead Mask,one (1) Conductive Eye Mask, one (1) Conductive Lip Mask, one (1) Lead Wire and one (1) 2oz ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel, one (1) USB charging cable.