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LIT RITUALS Large Sacred Dwelling Burn Bundle

The beautiful Sacred Dwelling Burn Bundle is best used in rituals or given as a house blessing gift


  • Statice which imparts strength & endurability
  • Strawflower to symbolize agreements
  • Lavender for protection and cleansing new spaces
  • Baby’s breath that come from the daisy family, which are symbolic of happiness & positivity


Open a few windows and doors to help any smoke and negative energy escape easily.

Light your burn bundle over your burn safe dish/bowl until a small flame has caught.

While holding your burn bundle over the dish lightly blow on the flame until it goes out.

The bundle will then smoke gently like incense.


They work with all different burnable herbs & flowers, however, sometimes the flowers they work with are finite. This causes some very slight variations in the bundles. They promise that the bundles you receive will look as beautiful as the ones pictured (with very little/slight variations)

Made in United States