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LINNE NURTURE Face & Body Balm


NURTURE is a rich, emollient balm recommended for the entire body, including hands, feet and lips. This food-grade balm contains organic pumpkin seed oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil and rice bran wax, ingredients known to prevent moisture loss, promote regeneration and radiance, and soothe chapped, cracked and inflamed skin. NURTURE is safe for use while nursing and can prevent and soothe diaper rash. NURTURE was formulated for parents, children and babies 6 weeks of age and older but can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an extra layer of protection. Incorporating nutrient-densepassion fruit seed oil, this fragrance-free formula, delivers a fresh, bright and slightly tropical aroma that quickly dissipates with wear.


  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: contains high amounts of zinc, selenium and vitamin E and C that help with skin renewal, elasticity, plumping, barrier repair, inflammation and healing.
  • Passionfruit Seed Oil: has a wonderful tropical fruit aroma and light, non-greasy texture that is rapidly absorbed. It is wonderful for dry, mature and irritated skin and effectively promotes skin elasticity, scalp and hair health.
  • Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil: eliminates age spots and wrinkles with the free radical neutralizing anti-oxidants. This berry also contains a remarkable concentration of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and organic acids, including flavonoids, phenolics, amino acids, and carotenoids. It is an exceptional source of vitamin C and thus supports the formation of collagen.
  • Mango Butter: promotes moisture retention, soothes and heals skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, protects skin against toxins and bacteria, reduces premature fine lines and wrinkles, clears pores, stimulates cellular renewal, maintains skin softness and radiance and increases overall product potency and freshness.
  • Beeswax: provides a protective layer to protect skin from moisture loss. This barrier still allows skin to breathe and excrete excess sebum and impurities. Our organic beeswax is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.


  • Apply anywhere needing nourishment, lubricity and care including face, lips, body, hands, feet, nipples, the scalp or ends of hair.
  • For best results apply to freshly bathed slightly damp skin or after applying mist or serum to seal in moisture. Layer it on thick to skin as a protective barrier in harsh conditions or overnight as a conditioning mask.
  • To use as a balm cleanser, apply to dry skin, massage, then gently remove with a damp, warm wash cloth.
  • Use during diapering to create an occlusive layer and prevent diaper rash. Can be used on skin of all ages including children and babies 6 weeks of age and older.


Passiflora edulis (PASSION FRUIT) seed oil, Cucurbita pepo(PUMPKIN) seed oil*, Mangifera indica (MANGO) kernelbutter*, Oryza sativa (RICE BRAN) wax, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (non-gmo VITAMIN E), Hippophae rhamnoidesSEABUCKTHORN) berry oil*