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  • Four Sigmatic | DEFEND Plant-Based Protein Powder - Unflavored


    Makes incredible, immune-supporting smoothies, shakes, and pancakes (15 servings) - This chef-worthy plant protein combines some of the world’s most wonderful ingredients into one delicious, day-changing blend. This wholesome protein balances the good with the even-better. It’s crafted with pure plant protein, functional mushrooms, pretty-much-magical adaptogens, and no fillers whatsoever. You’ll love what it does for your everyday.

    This custom blend of organic plant protein and functional ingredients is crafted to be delicious, smooth, and effective. It's easy to support muscle health, immunity, and balance stress – with one delicious shake.

    This is the protein you and your kitchen deserves. It’s an easy-sipping, great-for-baking blend that’ll put the “smooth” in smoothies (or whatever else you put it in).

    There's no skimping on ingredients. 18g of pure plant proteins, 7 functional mushrooms and adaptogens, and not a single grain, gum, or gram of stevia. This is a deliciously nourishing, filler-free foundation for your day.


    Organic plant-based protein(18 g per serving)
    No expenses were spared putting together this full-body-benefit blend. There’s five pure, organic plant proteins here, from four different continents. Hemp and pumpkin seeds from Europe, chia from South America, coconuts from Southeast Asia, and peas grown in the USA. It’s an international all-star team for rebuilding, repairing, and supporting overall wellness.

    Organic Chaga mushroom(200 mg per serving)
    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) has been used to support immune function for centuries. In Finland, it was used as a coffee substitute during WWII when beans weren’t available. This Chaga is sustainably wildcrafted on birch trees. The fruiting bodies are extracted to make a mixable, organic powder with no fillers or carriers.

    Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom(200 mg per serving)
    The scientific name for Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) kind of sounds like “Hercules”, and with good reason. It’s your brain’s best friend when you want to get stuff done. This Lion’s Mane is extracted from wood-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers or carriers.

    Organic Reishi mushroom(200 mg per serving)
    Hear ye, hear ye—Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is the Queen of mushrooms, once reserved for royalty. Now, you can enjoy our organic, linden log-grown Reishi whenever you want. It’s got occasional stress supporting qualities, perfect for your evening unwind.

    Organic Cordyceps mushroom(200 mg per serving)
    Cordyceps are famous among endurance athletes all around the world. Studies show that it supports energy and endurance. The power comes from the fruiting body of Cordyceps mushroom (Cordyceps militaris). In nature, it grows on caterpillars, but this variety is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

    Organic Turkey Tail mushroom(200 mg per serving)
    Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) looks like its name. It’s been used for its antioxidant and immune supporting properties for hundreds of years. This variety is pure and wood-grown. It gets you the most benefits because the fruiting body is extracted to create an organic powder with no fillers or carriers.

    Organic Ashwagandha(250 mg per serving)
    This is an adaptogen you should get to know. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic herb used for so many benefits and to support so many conditions they can’t fit all on this page. It's wonderful for its stress and fatigue supporting properties.

    Organic Eleuthero(250 mg per serving)
    An adaptogenic root used in Asia and Russia for hundreds of years. It’s known as the Siberian ginseng and may support stamina, endurance, and overall well-being.

    Other ingredients
    Organic coconut milk powder, organic maple syrup powder, pink Himalayan salt, organic monk fruit: These non-sugar organic sweeteners, mixed with our real organic vanilla create a smooth, sweet, true vanilla flavor. Just add water or non-dairy milk, or blend perfectly with your favorite flavors.