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  • Food Huggers | Terra Cotta | Set of 5

    It's never been so easy (or fun) to keep food fresh

    Oprah magazine calls Food Huggers a "Genius idea that is equal parts clever and cute". Our set of 5 reusable silicone food savers will help you replace single use plastic wrap and baggies and reduce food waste. Invented by two women who loved food way too much to waste it.

    Set of Five Food Huggers Fit Snugly on Food of All Sizes

    Food Huggers flex to fit around a variety of sizes. From XS to XL, each of our five different sized Food Huggers overlaps with the next so that there are no gaps, and no foods left without a hugger that fits. The flexible silicone covers fold themselves when you press you food into the Food Hugger. Our patented design ensures that you always get a snug seal.

    • Sets of 5 pieces snugly seal everything from bananas and cucumbers to limes, lemons, onions, tomatoes, even a grapefruit or an eggplant!
    • No more plastic wrap, baggies or foil.
    • Buy it once! Comes with a Lifetime Warranty
    • Also use to seal an opened can or jar

    STEP 1: Pick the Best Size
    Pick the size that is closest to your fruit or vegetable. It does not need to be an exact match. The Food Hugger will adjust itself to fit.

    STEP 2: Place Leftover In Food Hugger
    Place the Food Hugger on the counter and lower your fruit or veggie down into the opening.

    STEP 3: Press Down to Fold Food Hugger
    Press down and the Food Hugger will fold inward around your leftover fruit or vegetable.

    STEP 4: Store in the Fridge
    Store your hugged fruits and veggies in the fridge for the best results. The bright colors will help remind you what you have so you don't forget.

    Food Huggers Keep Thousands of Pieces of Plastic Out Of Landfills

    100% bpa & phthalate-free. 

    100% fda food-grade silicone.
Dishwasher safe. 

    Lifetime guarantee.