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Elemental Energy ~ Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Kristin Petrovich


Själ skincare co-founder, Kristin Petrovich has offered an entirely new take on the inspiring and timeless allure of crystals and gemstones - and how their elemental energies can transform our hearts, mind, and souls from the inside, out.

A book of uncommon beauty, Elemental Energy guides readers through harnessing the energetic powers of crystals and gemstones to achieve optimal beauty and wellness, both physical and emotional. From building a carefully curated, high-impact crystal and gemstone collection to crafting crystal-infused organic skincare and incorporating crystals and gemstones at home and work, Elemental Energy offers a fresh approach to the power of crystals—one that captures their magic and magnetism for a decidedly modern 21st century life.