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Burstenhaus Redecker BODY DRY BRUSH ~ Copper Ionic


The ionic body brush supports your striving for physical and spiritual wellbeing, as the massage with this brush provides an energetic synthesis. Just three minutes a day is all you need to revitalize and relax and to stimulate the circulation.


On dry skin before bathing, light sweep the brush across your body starting at pads of feet and working your way up to your heart. Then go to your hands and sweep on arms going towards your heart. Always sweep towards your heart.

To clean, do not wet brush & either knocking it off or mist lightly with alcohol.


Positive ions restrict the energy supply to the body from outside. Therefore an energy balance by negative charged ions (anions) should be established. The ionic body brush is an uncomplicated aid for producing these anions with the molecular structure of the fine bronze filament (a copper-tin alloy).

Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, therefore boosting your immune system and moving stagnation in the body.


  • oiled beechwood
  • fine bronze wire, ethically sourced horsehair
  • Size: 13.5 cm