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de lune Cramp Aid | Herbal & Nutritional Relief for Period Cramps | 24 liquid capsules

High-potency herbal and nutritional relief for period cramps and discomfort, in liquid capsules for fast absorption.

The drug-free way to an easy period.* Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.

  • Targeted cramp relief
  • 24 capsules per pack
  • 2 capsules as needed

How period pain works

How it starts — hormonal fluctuations at the start of menstruation trigger inflammatory compounds to build up in the uterus.

Created by menstrual health experts, Cramp Aid contains herbs and nutrients that target period pain at the source.

  1. Take two capsules at the first sign of cramps. Repeat as needed, up to three times a day.
  2. If you track your cycle, take two capsules the day before you expect cramps to start.
  3. Take Cramp Aid on the day's you're experiencing cramps, rather than all month.

Backed by Research

We created our anti-cramp formula using the best peer-reviewed menstrual health research. We consider randomized, double-blind, placebo trials to be the gold standard.

52ingredient studies
3,594menstruating people studied


vitamin b1 (thiamin hydrochloride), vitamin b6 (pyridoxal 5’ phosphate), vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin), zinc (zinc sulfate), fenugreek seed extract, ginger root extract, dong quai root extract, ginger root oil, calendula flower extract, medium chain triglycerides (mct) from palm kernel oil, sunflower lecithin, hypromellose, silica, chlorophyll