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Crystal Self-Care Medicine Bag

Inspired by traditional medicine bags, we created a collection of seven beautiful stones intentionally chosed to help facilitate and inspire self-love and self-care for yourself or a loved one. Your set comes in a custom Wildcraft pouch with a paper scroll listing all the stones and their properties + a feather. These crystals are already cleansed and ready to use.


  • Amethyst (purple) - Protective & purifying of the mind. Clears away negative thoughts, stress & anxiety. Facilitates intuition & communication (earthly & spiritually). Promotes an abundance mindset. Headache relief.

  • Rainbow Fluorite (green w/ purple) - Helps one flourish under the pressure od chaos when the mind is flushed with htoughts, to-dos & anxiety. Strengthens internal-emotional support & expands self confidence. Blocks against manipulative people & assists in re-centering.

  • Rose Quartz (pink) - Promotes unconditonal self-love (physically & mentally) & love for others. Resolves anger & disappointments. Aids in forgiveness & non judgement (of others & self) & open-mindedness. Harmonizes the emotions.

  • Amazonite (blue) - Calming & soothing in times of stress. Clears away psychic debris from past lives & trama. Brings up truths & assists in moving beyond fears of judgement. Promotes free expressin of self. Helps to find inner-voice & hope. Strips away other peoples influnces while finding oneself.

  • Selenite (white) - Activates the Higher Self. Promotes purity & honesty. Clears energy blockages & cleanses other stones. Promotes liberated a sense of self. Used in tandem with other stones to intensify their effects. Connects one to spirit guides & angels. Rappels effects of energy vampires. *do not get this stone wet

  • Rhodonite (black & pink)- The "rescue stone". Soothe heartache. Infuse your soul with oure love. Forgiveness & compassion. Strong heart-based medicine. Release fears & blockages. See life through rose-tinted glasses.

  • Carnelian (orangey red) - Boosts confidence, courage & self-confidence. True expression. Taking bold action. Performance. Put plans into action. Use with Rose Quartz to get in touch with your romantic & passionate side. Purifies blood & improves circulation.


To cleanse & charge your crystals, we recommend passing them through sage smoke and placing them under the light of the full moon.